Who am I?

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This is me.

My name is Peter Johnsen.

What do I do? What is my mission in this life?


My mission is to help men awaken from their soft slumber and develop powerful bodies and minds to succeed in sports and to dominate life, work and women


How do I go about doing this? What’s the magic?

We’ll get to that in a bit. First, it’s best we address this…


Who do I work with? What do I look for?

  • I work with the open-minded
  • I work with the dedicated and committed
  • I work with people who understand that health, fitness and LIFE needs more than a quick fix solution
  • I work with people who trust the process
  • I work with men who dedicate themselves to the process of becoming superior men
  • I work with men who take action daily
  • I work with men who…well, you’re starting to get the picture by now


Who do I NOT work with?

How to know if this is not for you:

  • You think self-investment is a waste of money
  • You’d rather have a ferrari car over a ferrari body
  • You don’t prioritize your health
  • You are happy being average
  • You accept mediocrity
  • You think men are bad and women are somehow better (yeah right..)
  • You want comfort, convenience, safety
  • You get offended by these statements (the reason I use them is because I KNOW everyone has INSANE potential if they only dare step out of their comfort zones) 😉

I know no one of these statements apply to you, but I just felt like listing them out. 🙂


ARE YOU READY TO DOMINATE YOUR PATH??? (Please check these boxes:)

  • I want superior health
  • I want superior fitness
  • I want superior athleticism
  • I want to achieve kung-fu mastery of my mind, body and spirit
  • I want to FEEL like a man
  • I want to be totally carefree
  • I want to CREATE my own destiny, not hope for the best
  • I want to unleash the most unabashedly, superior, legendary masculine version of myself 🙂

You checked all the boxes, right?


I knew it.

I can smell the greatness within you.

Let’s continue.


This is how you create your superior version of yourself:

(hint: he is already within you….we just have to lure him out!)


This is the step-by-step system to take you from half man to 
Superior Man…


  • First step will always be to restore your masculinity from the inside
  • more info coming soon…



  • The next few steps will take you from either immobile, beginner or semi-fit to superior fitness
  • Since Peter suffered from an MCL injury a couple months ago this step will be released late summer/fall 2017
  • more info coming soon…


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My vision is to help 10,000 Men
Become the Superior Version of Themselves



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